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Nâng ngực nội soi là cách phẫu thuật làm cho tăng thêm kích thước của ngực bằng cách đặt túi độn vào ngực nhờ sự hỗ trợ của thiết bị nội soi. Bằng vật dụng camera ngầm, thầy thuốc sở hữu thể quan sát chi tiết cấu trúc bên trong vùng ngực để bóc tách khoang chứa túi...

Lately I am trying to experiment more with black and white landscapes. I took the inspiration for this one in some old negatives from our vacation in Morocco and I am pretty happy with how it came out. It is a kind of landscape that poses a lot of questions and makes you think about all the things that are left out of the picture.

Last week I went to see an exhibition at the City gallery. It was a collection of works by contemporary painters, photographers and conceptual artists. In many ways I found it inspiring and in others not so much. Let me guide you through the exhibition from my point of view.

When I first started with painting, I tried to capture every little object in a great detail and fit it in a landscape that was already filled. When I saw these painting later, I realized that a viewer probably didn't know what to concentrate on first. Discovering minimalism has really helped me with that and here are five tips that may help you as well.

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